Choreo(Group Dance)

Who doesn’t know how to move on musical beats, but we are here to see the best crew. Who makes the audience go wild, and move everyone with their grooves.

• Multiple registrations from the same institute are allowed.
• No. of participants: 8-12 members
• Time slot: 10-15 mins (inclusive of setup time)
• Participants are requested to get their own props and pen-drives with the track.
• Negative points will be given for exceeding the time limit.
• Use of props will fetch brownie points. Props are to be brought by the participants themselves and should be specified to the organizer in advance. We won’t be providing with any props.
• The participants will have to carry their performance track in a pen drive and will have to submit it to the designated authority in order to avoid technical disturbance. The recommended format is .mp3 or .wav
Ali Abbas Kazmi: +919730049623
Manisha Parmar: +919923930406