Name – Manch- Tantra
This event aims to bring together all the thespians to showcase their acting skills on a national level platform and entertain the audience through their acts, mimes or mimicry.
Minimum number of participants should be 5 and the maximum should be 12
• Each team has to arrange their own props. Only chairs and tables will be provided by us if the script demands so.
• The script should be strictly in Hindi and English with the weightage of Hindi being 90% and English being 10%.
• Usage of mics or any sound amplifier for dialogue delivery is prohibited. • The group name script and the sound track must be submitted to us without fail 3 days prior to the main event.
• Failing to comply with any of the rules will result in deduction of marks. • Multiple registration from the same institute are allowed.
Anuj Shrivastava: +919028221248
Prachi Priya: +917709140624